Course Highlights

  • Learn Fast!

    It takes years of researching, practice and often heavy losses to learn your way around the market. With this course, in just 2 hours I'll help take you from an amateur investor to an options trading wizard! The course is short but that’s because I purposely designed it to be straight to the point and easy to understand.

  • Made for You

    This course is especially made for you if you're new to options and looking to get started with a solid foundation before you dive in.

  • Just Press Play

    High definition video and crisp high definition audio guide you through the course to make the learning process enjoyable. Watch and learn with ease! PLUS download a wealth of printable resources for your future reference!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Lessons in English

    • Introduction

    • Part 1: Get Setup

    • Part 1: Get Setup (with subtitles)

    • Part 2: Risks and Rewards

    • Part 3: Learn How Options Work

    • Part 4: Tutorial

    • Part 4: Tutorial (with subtitles)

    • Part 5: Identify Opportunities

    • Part 6: Learn Strategies

    • Part 7: Make Trades

    • Part 8: Control Your Emotions

    • Part 9: Protect Your Profits

    • Part 10: Get Ready to Start

    • Final Summary

  • 2


    • Printable Downloads

    • Red Line Strategy

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