Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Pros and Cons of Starting a Business

    • High Margin, Low Start-Up Cost Business Examples

    • How Immigrants Can Start a Business in Canada

  • 2

    Pick the Right Idea

    • Open Your Eyes to Opportunities

    • Evaluate Physical and Online Business Options

    • Evaluate Selling Products or Services

    • Focus on Your Strengths, Interests and Passions

    • Plan Your Target Audience

    • Evaluate Your Expenses and Keep them Low

  • 3

    Start Your Company

    • Craft a Business Plan That Reflects You

    • Think of a Catchy Name for Your Business

    • Buy a Domain with Your Business Name

    • Create Social Media Accounts

    • Register Your Business with the Government

    • Pay Only for What You Need

    • Create a Logo

    • Create a Main Website

    • Create an Email Address @ Your Business Name

    • Use AI to Enhance Content Creation

  • 4

    Prepare for Sales

    • Open a Business Checking Account

    • Get Insured

    • Accept Payments from Multiple Payment Providers

  • 5

    Get Your Business Found

    • Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

    • Market Your Business for Free

    • Market Your Business with Low Cost Options

    • Market Your Business with Higher Tier Options

    • Market Your Business with Influencers

  • 6

    Get Sales

    • Market with Authenticity and Transparency

    • Build Long-Term Relationships

    • Be Easy Going: Let Your Product Sell Itself

  • 7

    Make It Run Smoothly

    • Keep All Your Documents and Receipts

    • Stay Organized

    • Automate Where You Can